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I am Sharn, founder of “Sassy Vine”  which is the mother ship of Sassy Vine Candles.

Here is my story..

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Melbourne in 2010.

I started making Unique Glass Jewellery, which I do still potter around with still today.  

Sassy Vine came to life in "2018 with a Deluxe Range of Candles using only 100% Vegan Soya Wax (PURE), launching with 12 Fragrances.  

Sassy Vine Candles Collections were born and now I have six Collections:


Cafe Sassy

The Vineyard

Botanical Garden

Sassy Cocktails


Unique Candle & Diffuser Collection


With the love of working with Glass, I got my inspiration from around the world and in 2018, Sassy Vine Candles started collecting wine bottles and cutting.

I am very lucky as a forklift / reach driver to have contacts in production of wine, that after work I am always in the bin, saving the life of another bottle.

Designing all my Unique individual labels for every candle as well. I now do designer labels if wanted for any occasion. 

At the beginning of 2020 Sassy Vine established Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candles, in three colours Light Green / Aqua Blue and Dark Green.  

Still putting them on the back burner, mid 2020 I brought out first Reclaimed Beer Bottle Diffusers, with double reeds and a stunning GOLD easy to carry box.

January 2021, my Reclaimed Wine Bottles that had been waiting patiently for 3 years came to life.

I now have approx 50+ fragrances in these wine bottles.

On top of this Sassy Vine Candles has become one of the top designers of personalised labels. These can be used for Wineries / Corporate / Florists / Real Estate / Weddings, and also personalised gifts for friends and loved ones for any occasion.  

These come on white on clear labels with lots of different colours to choose from

With the of Glasswork and saving the Planet.  reclaiming / cutting / sanding wine bottles. It feels great to love what I do and at the same time help our planet.

I attend Markets / Festivals around Melbourne, you can follow where I am under my Events on my website or Facebook and also Design now your own label out of 70+ FREE designer Labels, take to checkout and use pickup option, to pick up at any Market

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