SASSY COCKTAILS COLLECTION Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candles

SASSY COCKTAILS - If you love Cocktails, you will love our unique Collection of goodness.  As you know Cocktails have some interesting names.  So get ready for interesting ones and ones you know.  

Collection of recycled wine bottle candles. I hope you enjoy this Unique Collection of FUN, CHEEKY, with a sense of humour for these stunning Wine Bottle Candles.

Reclaimed / Recycled wine bottle Candles.  Have been clean of there labels, Cut, Sanded to bring a sheen to the glass, that when lit comes up through the top of the wine bottle, this is then put into Production to bring you beautiful Candles, only using 100% VEGAN PURE SOYA WAX, then they are cured, cleaned again with quality designer labels and  boxed to bring you a touch of Sass / Class & Quality

I am very lucky to work along side a firm I have worked for, with recycling there rejects of Bottles.

Stockists Welcome