Sanitiser Spray Tea Tree (Ti Tree)

Our Anti-bacterial hand spray Sanitiser contains 70% Alcohol.  High quality.  We have added premium antiseptic properties of Tea Tree (Ti Tree) and pure Aloe Vera to soften your hands. 

It is made to the WHO recommendations Australian made, readily available and dispatched daily.

Direction: Shake well before use and a little goes a long way compared to Gel.  

Handy to carry everywhere.

Spray a couple of times of sanitiser to the palm of your hand, don't smell your hands straight away as this is 70% Alcohol.  The Tea Tree (Ti Tree), is great for cuts on hands and Aloe Vera to heal and soften hands..

Ingredients: 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera Tea Tree (Ti Tree) Essential Oil.




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