MOONSHINE COLLECTION Reclaimed Beer Bottle Diffusers

MOONSHINE COLLECTION - A collection of Rum / Bourbon / Brandy 

Gorgeous Fragrances to choice from in Reclaimed Beer Bottle Diffusers that last 12 months and come with double reeds to get you through.

Exactly what the name suggests – the raw white whiskey spirit that comes fresh off the still. There’s no barrel aging to smooth it out, nor flavouring to change the raw taste. That being said there are no real rules with this style of whiskey and some producers are aging it for very short periods, using all different kinds of mash bills or even creating flavoured un-aged whiskey much like you would flavoured vodka.

The term moonshine came about many years ago from the illegal production of spirits that was distilled at night in secret locations (to avoid the authorities). Distilled by the light of the moon the term ‘moonshine’ was soon born into popular culture.