MOONSHINE COLLECTION Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candles

MOONSHINE reclaimed wine bottle Candles, TOP SHELF.  

Elegance brings this Moonshine Collection of so far Rum & Bourbon, with more to come.

The Rum is the only one that comes in a GOLD label with Bourbon in it's own top shelf space , come is a stunning black box to show high end form with added only 100% vegan soya wax, cotton wick and truely handmade with Love.

Reclaimed / Recycled wine bottle Candles.  Have been clean of there labels, Cut, Sanded to bring a sheen to the glass, that when lit comes up through the top of the wine bottle, this is then put into Production to bring you beautiful Candles, only using 100% VEGAN PURE SOYA WAX, then they are cured, cleaned again with quality designer labels and  boxed to bring you a touch of Sass / Class & Quality

I am very lucky to work along side a firm I have worked for, with recycling there rejects of Bottles.

Stockists Welcome