GIFT SET Any Occasion 2x 310g Candles

GIFT SET -   Approx 50x Fragrances to choose from they can come in Brown or if there is a blue I will let you know when you order.

What to do!

Pick this stunning Gift Set Box for only $10 

Pick 2x 310g Fragrance Candles at $30 each

Total Gift Set $70


- Cafe Sassy

- The Botanic Garden

- Sassy Cocktails

_ Nature Loves

Handmade with Love

The wax used for these Stunning Candles, is 100% PURE SOYA WAX.

It is of very high quality.

Sassy Vine is proud to bring you PURE SOYA WAX with Quality Fragrances and a touch of Class.  

The candle has a stunning picture of deer (doe & Stag), that when these stunning candles are burning, on any angle they bring a meditative, natural, calming feel about them, with a stunning white label.

Sticking with pure, the Candle also comes with a Bamboo Lid. And is boxed in a stunning black and white classy display box.  Ready for you for any Gift.

There is something for everyone in our Fragrances and Sassy Vine is proud to bring you, their own unique style.



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