Candles that tell a story.. In Cut & Sanded Wine Bottles

Driftwood / Merlot & Sex On The Beach, wine bottle candle to #Relax & # Unwind with.

DRIFTWOOD - RELAX - When you light stunning Candle you not only enjoy the fragrance but you get to watch the Sun come up over the sea and driftwood and as you enjoy your Candle you get the Sun going down outside your Cabin and outside fire.

MERLOT - UNWIND - When this flame is going you enjoy an exquisite fragrance from "The Vineyard" Collection and watch the Sunrise come up over the homestead and Vineyard and sunset go down over the Vineyard. All with 100% Vegan Soya Wax used

SEX ON THE BEACH - Nothing better than to walk along the Beach,  This Beach side candle is just gorgeous. If you live by the Beach for cannot get to the Beach, this is the RELAX & UNWIND Candle for you.  As some humour I have put a SHARK in the water.