When you buy a Sassy Vine Candles Reclaimed Beer Bottle Diffuser.  It does not end there.

If you are at any Event /Market I am at you can swap a bottle for any of 50 Fragrances I have. ( Please note Bottles - must have NO chips or cracks in it) for the swap. 

To but your First one, it comes in recycled material, just stunning and great for Gifts at $37.90   To Refill / Swap with Double Reed Set $28.00.  WIN WIN

These Diffuser have a lot more in them than standard large 200ml, that others sell and will last approx 8 months.

You can also get them refilled & swapped over. All you have to do is wash them out with hot soapy water and give back to me in a bag with your Name & Phone number on, or you can send to me by post.

Check out our FREE DELIV ERY SERVICE area codes at the top of the HOME PAGE

There are several reasons why glass is viewed as more sustainable than plastic. For starters, it's far more durable and can last for many more years, making it a good choice for those looking for a reusable container for their liquids

Advantages of glass reusable bottles

Bottles contain liquids. Water, for example. And that is all that PET bottles and metal or glass bottles have in common. For the rest, the advantages all go to the metal and glass bottles. Except, perhaps, the energy costs of manufacturing them.

Both metal and glass require greater amounts of energy for shaping them than PET. This means that manufacturing a metal or glass bottle has a greater impact on the environment than manufacturing a PET bottle. And if this is so, why do we claim that metal or glass bottles are better? What is the advantage of a greater manufacturing impact?

The obvious, huge advantage of materials such as metal (mainly steel) and glass are their high durability. A metal or glass bottle, despite requiring much more initial energy, can practically last forever. In other words, it has a much longer life cycle than a PET bottle.

They are obviously reusable. Both metal and glass can be kept for long periods of time without being used, they can be washed in the dishwasher, reused as many times as desired, and sterilised in the home.

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