Candles that tell a story.. In Wine Bottles

Candles that tell a story..

Driftwood & Merlot wine bottle candle to #Relax & #Unwind with.

DRIFTWOOD - RELAX - When you light stunning Candle you not only enjoy the fragrance but you get to watch the Sun come up over the sea and driftwood and as you enjoy your Candle you get the Sun going down outside your Cabin and outside fire.

MERLOT - UNWIND - When this flame is going you enjoy an exquisite fragrance from "The Vineyard" Collection and watch the Sunrise come up over the homestead and Vineyard and sunset go down over the Vineyard.

All with 100% Vegan Soya Wax used

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Zodiac Star Sign Designer Labels For Reclaimed Wine Bottles

Zodiac 12 months of the year Star Signs Available.  

The Star Signs & Fragrances available gives you easier and quick access to the Zodiac Stars for each Month and is undated each Month for you when the Zodiac sign is due. (You can find this also on the HOME PAGE of my website.  Nice an Easy for you.. or just search the Zodiac Sign you want.

- Pick your Zodiac star Sign for this month for $5 Only

- Pick your Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candle & Fragrance (only in SIGNATURE RANGE

Option to choose from Pickup at Checkout, for DELIVERY SERVICE or taken to the next Market I attend.

(please view DELIVERY AREAS at top of each page & under also EVENTS of what MARKETS I am attending for Month if you want the candles brought to you).  OR IT CAN BE POSTED OUT.. TOO EASY

You can also take advantage of the Monthly Fragrance Specials.  How cool is that ...

Signature Candle Range to choose from:- The Vineyard- Cafe sassy- Moonshine- Botanical Garden- Sassy Cocktails- Nature Lovers- Unique CandlesThis is a Beautiful personalised Gift, with nearly 40 Fragrances that are 100% Vegan  soya wax, Class / Quality with a touch of Sass

Ale Of Beer!! I love this Fragrance



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Fish Bowl Designer Candle 490g

Do you love fish.... Stunning Fish Bowl.. Beauitful home decor Candle. Can't wait to see the 2 flames through this one.. Who knows what song that says WE ARE TO LOST SOULS SWIMMING IN A FISH POND YEAR AFTER YEAR?? And yes I can personalise this Designer Label with To & From for you.

Laughing Kookaburra Designer Candle

Laughing Kookaburra. The Kookaburra, is found in a lot of places on the Mornington Peninsular.

When I lived in the Mt Dandenong, you could feed them off your verandah, we gave then some mince. They have a very soft beak. And when this special one looked me in the eye.

He looked into my soul. such a connection.. And yes... you can put TO & FROM on.. And your own script.

The Plain Tea Light Set

100 % PURE SOYA WAX, now available, 10x in a pack, this Soya Wax is PURE PURE PURE.  stunning Tea Lights, up Market with Sassy Vine.

Approx is 6 hours per Tea Light. Thats 60 Hours

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